Adam's Apple


-2 Red Apples

-One Bottle (750 ml) White Gold Black Edition

-1 Cinnamon Stick

-50 ml Sugar Syrup / per serving

-150 ml Tonic Water / per serving


sweet / mildly bitter


1) Cut the apples into large chunks and remove the seeds and add them to the vodka, place it in a glass container with a tight lid, shake and leave for up to 4 days for the strongest flavour, keep in a cool, dark place

2) Add the cinnamon stick one day before removing the vodka from the container, shake again

3) Strain the vodka out through a fine filter and pour 50 ml of it into a glass filled with ice

4) Add the sugar syrup and the tonic water and decorate with apples and cinnamon 

5) Serve cold, this cocktail is great for larger parties!

Servings: 15