Our Story

The Selection

White Gold contains only two ingredients, water and grain, as every vodka should. While there are definitely cheaper alternatives, we make no compromises and aim to provide the highest quality and best-tasting vodka on the market, while staying true to the original Russian recipe, standardised in the XIX century. 

Image by Nadine

 Our water is sourced from artesian wells in the Volga river basin. The crystal clear water must pass through several stages of special treatment, by the end of which, the water is colourless, absolutely transparent and with a minimum content of salts.

Our grain is grown in the warmest and most fertile region of Russia. The rich soil and sunny climate provide an excellent starting point in the careful and complex process of making a bottle of White Gold Vodka®.


The Process


Mixing and Filtration


Only the best grain and water are selected for the creation of White Gold®

The vodka and the grain alcohol are carefully mixed together and filtered through charcoal and silver ions, which help purify the vodka to the highest grade.

The newly created vodka is left to rest for several days and the process is repeated, this is a procedure that only the best Russian vodkas are subjected to. 

The candidness of our ingredients and our refined process is what makes our Vodka the best. Our vodka is bottled by hand and with great care, limiting our production to only 700 bottles a day. When you open a White Gold®, you're enjoying centuries of experience, natural ingredients and a simple, yet brilliant recipe. That is why, the real Russian vodka has a special softness, unique taste and crystal purity. But if you don't trust us, here is what "The New York Times" had to say after trying White Gold Premium® in 2005: 

"Russia is a land of cold winters, black caviar and vodka, of course. Russian history would not be just the same if this “last but not the least” important part of culture was   missing. Vodka has carried this country through centuries of hunger and poverty, wars and surreal bouquet of egomaniac rulers. It taught Russians how to be tough and how to make great vodka. Polish people may claim that they first invented it, Dutch may say that they perfected it, someone may say that the water used for distillation is purest, but Russians know that there is only one thing that delivers the highest vodka quality - the grain…


The grain for White Gold Premium is specially selected and grows only in one small part of Russia with the most fertile, richest soil in a warm and sunny climate. No other vodka is made of it. That explains why White Gold Premium can solely claim to have   unique, unprecedented taste..."