White Gold Original®

White Gold Original® is designed to emphasize the original taste of vodka, which has become a classic. A tuned combination of design and content is crafted purposefully for a loyal White Gold consumer. Someone with a strong character - a sincere and natural individual. The visual appeal is an integral feature rather than a tribute to the image. This vodka is ideal to drink by shots.


Icy vodka is always tastier! 


White Gold Premium®

With 12 years of success in the international market, White Gold Premium®'s exclusivity and refinement of the highest quality are out of the question. This vodka has repeatedly won first places in various tasting competitions around the world. Both and Market Watch Magazine ranked White Gold 90 Points, which beats its best known competitors from Russia. The unique flavor that is achieved by adding a drop of Ginseng Panax extract, engages the attention of the most demanding customers. This vodka is perfect on the rocks.

Icy vodka is always tastier!

White Gold Premium.jpg

White Gold Black Edition®

White Gold Black Edition® is made to shine in the world of night life. Whether its cheerful and laughing crowds dancing to loud music or stylish parties in the company of exquisitely dressed guests, White Gold Black Edition® is perfect for any celebration. We are proud to announce that White Gold Black Edition® provides the highest quality of vodka, with top distillation of grain alcohol and triple sequential filtration. It is then poured into stunning Limited Edition bottles. Black Edition is as good as vodka gets and is undoubtedly the secret missing ingredients to your favourite cocktails!


Icy vodka is always tastier!